About Us

We design for better building and communities and prove the need of architecture and its impact in the community it serves.

Bharat Patel Architect, Inc.

Is an architectural firm founded in 2008 and located in Palm Beach County in Florida. The firm’s work includes a wide range of projects both in the public and private sector. Keeping our clients’ interests ahead we meet their expectations, project time schedule and budget goals while searching for a sustainable design.

Design Approach

Site and context play an important part as we understand the framework and provide opportunities for a program that provide the greatest positive impact in the communities which they are intricately part of the fabric. With the Clients need and budget in mind a design is achieved that is affordable, customized and energy efficient. We created Architecture with influences of art and inspiration from daily life. In the process of making them if we have created a design that speaks a different language with its contexts around it then we may have made a difference. Architecture and Building are quite unique where the completed project is actually a beginning. There is a sense of accomplishment and pride when seeing the clients interact with the built project and breathe life into it as they go on to build relationships with it. State Registration Licenses Florida – #AA26001923 Georgia – RA013890 North Carolina – 12869 South Carolina – 9044

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